Samosas - Fried triangle shaped appetizers filled with spicy potatoes and peas, an Indian treat! 2/$6.50

Koftas - carrot and cabbage patties, fried, great fresh taste, 4/$6. 

Pakoras - Vegetable fritters. Contains onion, potatoes, and/or cauliflower. 8 oz serving, $7

Aaloo Patis - Spicy potato patties with seasoned vegetables, pan fried, 2 per order, $6.00

We offer long-grain basmati rice with all of our curries for an extra $1.50 with each curry purchase. We also have fried rice, which is cooked with onions and spices for $6.75

Naan - Popular baked flat bread, traditionally served with curries or daal, 2 medium naans per order, $4.5

Paratha - Made with wheat flour and pan fried, 1 med. paratha per order, $4.75
Aloo Paratha - Paratha filled with spicy potatoes, pan fried, 1 per order, $4.75

Palak Paratha - Paratha made with wheat flour and spinach, 1 per order, $4.75

Puris - Deep fried bread, 1 medium puris per order, $4

Rotis - Traditional flat wheat breads, 2 medium rotis per order, $6.50

Curries- All curries are flat $7.75. There is more variety available on regular basis if you just call, you can find out.

Chana Masaala - 8 oz chickpea curry in cooked spices 

Aaloo Saag - A main dish made with potatoes and spinach,  

Vegetable korma - 8 oz curry made with in-season vegetables. May contain dried fruits and nuts

Bhaji - Traditional street-side snack curry made with potatoes, cauliflower, and other in-season vegetables. Usually served with pan fried toast or rolls 

Daal - Blend of Indian lentils, cooked slowly. Can be spicy or mild to go with your rice or bread

Aloo - Potatoes with onions, spices, and a rich sauce
Aaloo Gobi - Curried cauliflower and potatoes. Colorful, tasty and flavorful.  

Aloo Matar - A tasty curry made with potatoes and peas. 

Please note that Maine prepared food tax 8% applies to all our orders. Also our food is prepared in a  facility that has processed nuts/peanuts.

 Contact us at for daily specials that can be available at special rates  669-4447

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