How can I order?
Call 669-4447. Please call ahead to see what we have cooking. Varies daily. Nice assortment. Gunjan grows her own vegetables during summer and fall months and tries to incorporate that in her dishes.

How much notice do you need for an order?
Please provide 24 hour advance notice, although in the summer we often have food available the same day. If you are having a party, please provide at least 48 hours notice. For quotes and estimates on your orders, please call us or email

Is the food ready to eat?
You will need to heat the curries in the microwave or in a sauce pan. Breads or appetizers should be microwaved for a short time or heated in an oven. 

Is this food spicy?
Spicy can mean flavorful or hot. Our food is full of flavor, and that is what makes Indian food great! If you like your food hot, please let us know. We know how to turn up the heat! If you don't like the heat, we will make the food just the way you like it..

Do you sell spice mixes?
Yes we do. We offer garam masaala, regular curry powder and exotic curry powder. We also offer Tandoori mix. These spices are Gunjan's own blend. They are for sale and you can purchase them at our markets or call us for more information.

Do you teach cooking workshops?
Yes. If you are interested in asking her to teach for you, feel free to contact her.

When did you start?
Gunjan has been teaching, cooking and providing food since 2005.

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