Customer Reviews on "Khushboo"

I bought this book for my wife as I love Indian food. She has made the Malai Chicken and Shrimp Curry so far. They really were out of this world!

The recipes are fast and easy to follow. All the ingredients are laid out in simple order, followed by a few lines on how to put it all together. It is written so clearly and concisly, that it is actually a practical recipe book which can be used on a regular basis. Also, the ingredients used are very common and would very likely be present in your pantry.

I hate those books that contain such great recipes and pictures, only to end up having the recipes written in a manner that make hieroglyphics more comprehensible. The other issue, that some recipe books have is that of the ingredients, where you can find 7 out of 10 of them and then have to go to Timbuktu for the remainder. So frustrating!. This book overcomes these issues.

Besides the above mentioned, the taste of the recipes is what really made me add 1 more star and give it a full 5 stars (which I rarely do). The taste is so good, that I think our weekly Indian restaurant will be missing us for a while.

A small paragraph at the start of each recipe give a little story about the author and her connection with the recipe. It's cute and gives it that personal touch.

I hope that the author will be bringing some more books for the lovers of Indian cuisine- Ali

This book has a bunch of easy and doable recipes for the average person to perform to get taste of India in their homes. Highly recommend!--Rachel M.

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